Discussing Finances with My Husband


Most of the problems in marriages stem from finances. This is a fact that I have experienced in my own marriage many times. My husband and I disagree over finances a lot.

A few days ago, my husband and I had a disagreement over what to do with some money that we had received as a Christmas gift. He was planning on spending his part of the money (which was more than half) on a couple of things that he wanted to buy for himself, but I wanted to put all of the money toward a couple of bills that we need to pay.

We started to argue about it, but we decided to discuss it rationally instead. We decided to use half of it towards bills, and the rest of it could be used on the items that my husband wanted to buy (as long as he bought me something small too).

This discussion kept my husband and I from arguing the rest of the evening about money, and we can both feel happy about how we are spending our money.

We also decided that if we ever get any money from something that isn’t our normal pay, we will discuss where that money is going before spending it on anything. I am very proud of my husband and I for being responsible enough to discuss our problems rather than arguing about them and solving nothing.

Getting Started


Hi guys! My name is Amanda, and I am in major debt. My husband is looking for work, and my part-time job at a dog boarding facility is not enough to pay all of our bills. We are living with my grandparents right now because we could not afford to keep renting the house we were living in. To make matters worse, I just graduated and will have to begin paying off my student loans very soon. I want to include my readers on my journey to financial freedom. I will be documenting my goals and the steps I will take to achieve them so that hopefully it will help you to find the confidence to reach for your own financial goals.

Though my husband and I have many goals for our future, including buying another car and finding our own place to live, the first step that we need to take will be to create a budget so that we can pay our bills. At this point, I don’t think that I’m making enough to even pay our current bills, so we will have to find a way to make some extra money. I will be documenting these efforts on this blog so that hopefully I can help someone else who is experiencing similar problems.